About Us

Hi and thank you for taking the time to have a look at my website. My name is Orry Lovat and I have recently retired from over 40 years of working in the property sector in the West of Scotland and the time has come for me to indulge my passion which has always been Whisky.

A Love for Whisky

My love for whisky started at the age of 21 when my father presented me with a bottle he had been given as a gift from the General Manager of a distillery on one of the islands. I savored every drop and although that bottle would now be worth a small fortune it started me off on what was to become an exciting trek around almost every distillery in Scotland.

Whisky Collection

My sons, Timothy and Robin, who have helped me with my whisky collection (both sourcing and drinking) have persuaded me to set up this website and offer some of my rarest bottles for sale. These whiskies have been stored correctly and will be amazing to drink. The bottles that I have listed here are all rare and in my opinion will add value to any collection.

Whisky of the Month

Bespoke Whiskies

Now that I have more free time on my hands that I know what to do with, I intend on travelling the world with the specific aim of buying more rare and exciting whiskies from both public auctions and private collections. Some of what I find will make its way onto here however others I will be either drinking or putting into my collection. If you have a specific whisky that you are unable to find then please let me know and I will keep my eye out for you.

Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to catching up with you over a 'wee dram' whilst on my travels.